Relationship to the global Bitcoin market

MVBTCO and outliers: According to sponsor SolidX, the method for calculating the MVBTCO index is capable of reducing the influence of individual “outliers” among the OTC markets on the price of shares. In addition, this offers additional protection against manipulation. Do the potential commentators see it the same way?

100 Shares – Is that Enough?

Assuming the sponsor SolidX once declares the MVBTCO index inappropriate, do the investors see a satisfactory number of alternatives for determining the price? the secret database Next, the SEC wants to find out how investors feel about the fact that the trust wants to maintain a secret database with OTC contacts. This includes hedge funds, family offices and private investment advisors as well as so-called “high net-worth individuals” (HWNI). 10.

The SEC wants to gather views on the impact of an OTC price that deviates significantly from the global market. The Commission is also asking for views on the isolation of the OTC markets from erratic Bitcoin price movements on the world market.

Transparency and liquidity

How do investors actually assess the transparency and liquidity of the Bitcoin market in general? Is the crypto currency at all suitable as the physical underpinning of a fund?

BTC/USD: OTC trading, according to SolidX at least, accounts for approximately 50 percent of the trading volume of BTC/USD trades. Is the trading volume of these transactions a suitable benchmark for determining the Bitcoin market volume?

Bitcoin Futures: How do commentators generally view the regulation of the Bitcoin market? And are Bitcoin futures a market of significant size?

Gemini Exchange: Is another partner for price determination, the Gemini Exchange, itself a market of significant volume? Moreover, how likely is it that a manipulator would have to go through the Gemini Exchange to influence the price of the Bitcoin ETF?

The 25-bit coin hurdle: The VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust is not for small budgets. Because to join the proposed Bitcoin ETF, an investor must loosen the equivalent of 25 BTC – so the fund’s target group is clearly institutional investors. The SEC asks the commentators how they view this entry hurdle.

The CBOE wants to provide at least 100 shares at the start of trading. How do investors assess this, especially in the light of liquidity and arbitrage? number as a function of price
How do investors see the stock exchange’s reasoning that the low number of shares is merely a function of the price?

18th Insurance CBOE: CBOE states that the BTCs it holds are fully insured. How do investors assess the price impact of the underlying Bitcoin that could arise in the light of such a prospect?