Stay calm? Developers are not afraid of a fork

In the midst of the most turbulent phase of a two-year scaling debate, the words do not necessarily find their way back to a Bitcoin developer.

In the end, there is a large number of miners running Bitcoin Unlimited software. The alternative (and controversial) Bitcoin software gave rise to fresh “discussions” about a potential network hard fork (which would lead to two competing coins). The community seems to be unsettled by this possibility, some traders have already clarified their positions, others are afraid of a post-fork attack on the old chain.

But not everyone believes it will happen to the Bitcoin code

Bitcoin Cores Eric Lobrozo, for example, takes a sceptical and calm stance. According to him, the Bitcoin code community has already seen it all. The idea behind this is that Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin Classic are other controversial software alternatives. They wanted to provide Bitcoin with new rules, emerged and disappeared again over the last few years. Read the review by onlinebetrug.

Supporters see Bitcoin Unlimited as the future of Bitcoin. A fork would make it the dominant coin, but critics see it as fragile – a feature we’ve already seen from two bugs that have swept some nodes off the network.

Lombrozo sees these steps as a return to old alternatives that are always trying to change the rules of the main bitcoin network.

“Almost two years of hostile fork attempts. The same game every time,” explained Lombrozo CoinDesk.

In his opinion, this is “not really” different from its predecessors:

“The idea that you can change Bitcoin by letting one group of shareholders loose on another is basically hopeless, as is the idea that you can force a controversial change in consensus with power. Bitcoin requires a more discreet policy.”

Bitcoin Unlimited’s senior scientist Peter Rizun has a different view of the situation. He believes that Bitcoin will see an increase in the block size parameter, which will make Bitcoin strong again in competition with other alternative crypto currencies. “In my opinion, there is a 75% chance that we will upgrade to larger blocks in 2017,” he said.

But Rizun seems to agree with Lombrozo that there will be no split: “I think the fear of a blockchain split is completely exaggerated – nobody wants it to happen, it won’t happen.

Altcoin’ threat to the Bitcoin code

Other developers prefer a different booth. “I think there is a high probability that there will be a Bitcoin Unlimited fork,” the anonymous Bitcoin code core developer BTCDrak told CoinDesk. Some developers have already taken precautions. These included code designed to protect light wallets because they don’t have the same security as a full node if you keep feeding them false information:

So far, members on both sides have said they want to see a fork soon so the situation can pass, perhaps because there is a lot of participation at the moment.

And indeed, some Bitcoin Unlimited supporters seem to be in a hurry to see a change.

“Well, I don’t want to set a date. We are still in spring 2017, if we don’t get that fixed in 2017, the long-term damage will be irreparable,” said Bitcoin Unlimited President Andrew Clifford.

Clifford quoted a threat from alternative crypto currencies such as Ethereum and Monero. According to him, they should overtake Bitcoin in terms of its development if the block size parameters were not changed soon.